Things 3

Apr 8, 2024

Filmmakers are always asked what their favorite movie is, singers what their favorite song is, but developers are never asked what their favorite software is. If I were asked, I would say Things 3. For its simplicity, design, and usability, it is the best app I've ever used.

In that spirit, I created this tribute to Things 3 by recreating some of its features in React.js, Framer Motion, and Tailwind CSS. In the below demo you will be able to:

  • Create tasks using Space or ⌘ Cmd N
  • Move around using the keys
  • Select using ⇧ Shift and ⌘ Cmd
  • Delete using ⌫ Backspace
  • Edit their content by double clicking or pressing ⏎ Return
  • Complete them by clicking the checkbox or ⌘ Cmd K
  • Select all by pressing ⌘ Cmd A
  • Undo the last action by pressing ⌘ Cmd Z

The tasks are locally persisted Replicache so they can be accessed offline like in Things 3. That means that you can use this app as your task manager of choice if you are crazy enought.