Victor Navarro

Building better products

Hi, I'm Victor Navarro, and this is my corner of the internet. Here you will find my story, projects, writing, and UI experiments.

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  • Crack & Stack

    Co-founder of Crack & Stack, a Web3 multiplayer video-game to play with your friends. Enter the Ethereum mines, set traps and try to escape with your bounty.

    Crack & Stack

    2024 - Now

  • Sekondary

    CTO of Sekondary, a startup that provides liquidity to angel investors, creating a marketplace where they can sell their shares in private companies.


    2023 - 2024

  • Mandkind Technologies

    Co-founder and CTO of this lovely software consultancy. Led the development of projects like Tattoox and Kinótico.

    2022 - 2023

  • Nuclio Digital School

    Bootcamp teacher at Nuclio Digital School. I taught the full-stack program with focus on the frontend part and helped with the shape the curriculum of the course.

    Nuclio Digital School

    2020 - 2022

  • Bloobirds

    Full-stack developer at Bloobirds. Implemented the design system and contributed to several core features of the product like the mailing system or the WYSIWYG editor.


    2019 - 2022